AI-based video security in the Genesis showroom

AI-based video security technology from eneo ensures the safety of the Genesis premium automotive brand's showroom in Frankfurt am Main.

Genesis epitomizes the highest level of form and content, not only in its luxury sedans and SUVs but also in customer service. Following the Korean tradition of "son-nim," Genesis views customers as guests who deserve utmost attention and appreciation. Personal Assistants, instead of traditional salespeople, assist customers in all aspects for five years. These assistants handle services such as maintenance or repairs, including vehicle pickup and providing a replacement car. Those interested in experiencing this unparalleled service mentality can have the model of their choice delivered to their home for a test drive, or visit the Genesis Studio in downtown Frankfurt.

Discrete Video Security

What visitors to the studio will certainly not notice is the eneo system running in the background, contributing to the safety of visitors, staff, and displayed vehicles. The installation and commissioning of the system were undertaken by from Stuttgart and Digicom informationstechnologie from Göppingen, two companies that have jointly realized many projects in the past. Tamer Vural from Digicom on the eneo solution: "We recommended eneo IN cameras to our client because they are ideal for discreet video security solutions, especially the compact flat domes. These cameras are advantageous as they are highly efficient and unobtrusive. And with the matt black special coating ordered from VIDEOR, they blend perfectly into the studio design. Another advantage is the ability to conveniently control the system via the eneo INsight mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. In our opinion, a slim system operating without a PC client and monitor perfectly fits in with the studio's minimalist design. Moreover, the excellent experiences we have always had with VIDEOR's pre-configuration service were another point in eneo's favor. It greatly eases the work when the hard drives are already installed and the cameras are integrated, that is to say, tested, ready-to-install system components are delivered to the customer, especially when there’s a tight schedule."


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More Than Just Video Security

In the Genesis Studio Frankfurt, five eneo IN cameras are installed, including four IND-45F0028M0A flat domes for the exhibition area. These provide high-resolution videos of up to 5 megapixels and are equipped with AI video analysis functions to detect security risks early. Additionally, they offer retail intelligence features such as people counting and heat maps to better understand customer behavior. A IND-42M2808M0A mini dome at the rear exit enables AI-based transition counting, providing store managers with precise visitor numbers.

Slim, Powerful, User-Friendly

The video cameras are managed by a network recorder from the IN series with full AI video analysis support. This allows for recordings of up to 8 megapixels on all IP channels and various playback modes. However, the system is primarily managed via the eneo INsight mobile app, which offers store managers a comprehensive overview of the studio on their smartphones or tablets, including push notifications for alarms. The app supports full-screen and split-screen views, as well as interactive features like bidirectional audio transmission and alarm activation. Additionally, eneo INsight mobile offers extensive AI event research capabilities and user-friendly filter functions for efficient system management.

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