Video Surveillance for Retail - Prevention of shoplifting


Burglaries are prevented by the cameras installed outdoors with day/night functionality. These cameras are located in housings protected in compliance with IP66, meaning they are effectively protected from the weather. Alternatively, plug & play models in bullet housings are also available for this purpose. They have integrated IR illumination and are therefore particularly suitable for conditions with little available ambient light where installing external spotlights would be too expensive. Due to the relatively large distances which the cameras have to cover, models with very high or megapixel resolution are used to capture incidents at the other end of the building in high definition.

In order to keep the memory requirements low, video signals from the outdoor cameras are only recorded at night when motion is detected. In the warehouse, recording is only active in case of movement or an incident, such as when the warehouse door is opened. Indoors, recording is continuous during business hours to document criminal offences or cases of fraud and be able to submit corresponding evidence if necessary.


In the store itself, comprehensive surveillance is ensured by distributing the cameras in such a way that blind spots are ruled out from the outset. Because there are no particular requirements regarding weather and vandalism protection for indoor use, classic boxed cameras are fully adequate. Of course, upon request fixed domes can also be installed, which are less conspicuous due to their compact dimensions. Varifocal lenses guarantee flexible installation. Cameras are also installed to check deliveries and the warehouse.

Outdoor Cameras
Cameras used outdoors must have effective protection from the weather. The abbreviation IP ("International Protection") and a corresponding reference number is used to evaluate the degree of protection.