Video Surveillance for Banks


It is obvious that video surveillance in banks is subject to extremely high requirements. In addition to preventing robberies, vandalism and burglaries which normally occur at night or on the weekend when no personnel is on site, video surveillance can also hinder the manipulation of cash dispensers.

The installation of an "optical room surveillance system" in financial institutions which accept and dispense bank notes is clearly directed by the regulations of the professional association. These regulations determine both, the use of video surveillance and the minimum requirements the technology in use must meet. These requirements cannot be described in detail here as they range from the camera angle to the resolution, up to the recording duration. All the cameras used must be certified according to the stipulated regulations.

The outdoor area is secured by high-resolution cameras whose fields of vision cover all the sides of the building and which are protected from the weather with suitable housings. When using plug & play cameras in bullet housings, sabotage is effectively prevented from the outset because the hidden cable guide makes it significantly more difficult or even impossible to manipulate the equipment (e.g. by severing the cable).

Due to the sensitive field of application, we recommend using high-resolution cameras, if possible from a megapixel range which also displays details in razor-sharp resolution. Zelaris software is ideal for managing the video signals because it is DGUV certified and already being used by the Commerzbank for the central surveillance of the entire network of branches in Frankfurt am Main.

All checkout counters are monitored in the interior. For additional security, four more cameras keep an eye on the entire waiting area. Of course, the camera in the separate meeting room is not a must, and installing it can be foregone if a sense of familiarity should be instilled.

Cash Dispensers
In this solution, particular attention was paid to the foyer with the cash dispensers. In the past few years, manipulations have continuously increased, especially in this area. Moreover, professional association regulations recommend using surveillance in the foyers because bank robbers could possibly mask or unmask themselves in this area and then be identified. The cash dispensers are monitored from both sides in order to immediately expose people who are illegally tampering with the dispensers, as well as to give customers a sense of security.