Classes and product training at eneo

At our headquarters in Hessian Rödermark, we offer partners and customers tailor-made, practice-oriented training along with training courses on products and technologies. The events are held in small groups in classrooms and demo rooms equipped specifically for this purpose in order to achieve the best possible learning success. They are instructed by the experienced staff from our technical support and product management whose day-to-day work makes them familiar with the issues confronted by installers and users in practice. The training courses are usually held all day and are designed to offer enough space to cater for the individual needs of participants. Successful participation is confirmed by a certificate.


In addition to our training on-site, we offer webinars on individual product families and technologies. Webinars are the compact and convenient alternative to attendance events. Participants decide themselves where they carry out the training. All they need for this is an internet connection and a loudspeaker or headset.