Video security at top value for money: the eneo AN series

Burglaries are booming in the dark season. Surveillance cameras that are highly sensitive to light are all the more important at this time, because in the low-light season, the image quality depends heavily on the camera's ability to deliver usable images even with little light. Therefore, the new cameras of the eneo AN Series are equipped with very light-sensitive Sony STARVIS IMX307 CMOS image sensors. These perform excellently even under low light conditions.

Light-sensitive sensors and image optimization functions

Depending on the model and the light value of the lens (F value), the light sensitivity of the new eneo AN cameras is 0.0008 lux, 0.006 lux and 0.001 lux. An example: 0.0008 lux corresponds to the illuminance of a cloudy night sky. However, the image quality of light-sensitive cameras can be reduced by image noise. Noise occurs e.g. in dim light. In addition, the light intensity can vary greatly during a single day, e.g. due to reflections and weather changes. Therefore, eneo AN cameras are equipped with image optimization functions such as backlight and strong light compensation (BLC and HLC), digital overlap wide dynamic range (DOL-WDR). Digital noise reduction via 3D-DNR filters out signal noise and image errors due to color mixing. Thanks to this standard equipment, the new IP cameras are able to automatically compensate for changing lighting conditions, prevent overexposure effects, compensate for large differences in contrast and deliver high-quality video images. They are also equipped with high-power SMD LEDs which ensure an even infrared lighting. In combination with the high-performance sensors, they guarantee improved color reproduction and image sharpness.

Lenses for different applications

Lenses with a fixed focal length of 2.8mm (IPD-42F0028PAA, IPD-52F0028MAA) are represented in the AN series as well as motorized varifocal lenses with a focal length range of 2.7 to 13.5mm (IPD-42M2713PAA, IPD-52M2713MAA, IPD- 72M2713MAA, IPB-62M2713MAA and ICB-72M2713MAA). The ICB-62M0550MAA bullet camera even comes with an extended focal length range of 5.0 to 50mm, which enables particularly good detail magnification. The particular advantage of motorized varifocal lenses is that they can be set remotely and allow flexible changes to the image section, for example to better identify people in the surveillance area.

Turret cameras

With IPD-52F0028MAA and IPD-52M2713MAA two cameras are available in turret design. Turret cameras are similarly compact and discreet as dome cameras, but not quite as robust as the lens is not protected by a dome. On the other hand, there are no infrared reflections with this type of camera, such as are sometimes caused by the dome of a dome camera. Turret cameras are therefore particularly recommended for applications that require very good night vision images. The IPD-52F0028MAA model has a 2.8mm fixed focal length lens and has a light sensitivity of 0.006 lux. The IPD-52M2713MAA has a higher light sensitivity of 0.0008 lux. In addition, this turret camera is equipped with a motorized varifocal lens with a focal length of 2.7 to 13.5mm. Both cameras are designed for outdoor use and can be combined with the AK-12 connection solution, which protects network and power cable connections, for easy installation.

Bullet cameras with optional and integrated connection solution

ICB-62M0550MAA (focal length 5-50mm) and ICB-72M2713MAA (2.7-13.5mm) are two candid bullet cameras with integrated junction box, designed for outdoor use in the extended temperature range of -50°C to 50°C . The connection box is equipped with a sabotage alarm contact, the network cabling is done via LSA connection strip or RJ45 socket on the integrated connection board. A terminal block is available for the connection of alarm contacts, external power supply and audio. The IPB-62M2713MAA (2.7-13.5mm) bullet camera is suitable for temperatures from -20°C to 50°C and can also be wall and ceiling mounted using the optional AK-10 connection solution.

Dome cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance

The IPD-42F0028PAA (2.8mm) and IPD-42M2713PAA (2.7-13.5mm) dome cameras have a plastic housing and are intended for indoor use. The light sensitivity of IPD-42M2713PAA is 0.0008 lux, the model IPD-42F0028PAA has a sensitivity of 0.006 lux. Both cameras have the VerticalView function, which optimizes video streams when monitoring corridors and stairwells. It allows the camera to rotate 90 degrees, changing the aspect ratio from 16:9 to 9:16 and increasing the vertical image area. The resulting portrait format video image is now optically turned back by 90 degrees by the function so that the stream is displayed on the monitor with the correct orientation. The modular outdoor dome IPD-72M2713MAA (2.7-13.5mm) in an aluminum housing is also equipped with this function. For professional mounting, the dome can be combined with the AK-5 connection box or with a wedge or surface mount adapter or a wall bracket. The IPD-72M2713MAA differs from the other AN cameras in that this model is only equipped with two high-power infrared LEDs (850nm).

Video compression and ONVIF compatibility

The AN Series IP cameras all support the compression methods H.264, H.264+, H.265, H.265+ and M-JPEG, which greatly reduce the data volume of the video streams. This enables fast transmission in the network and saves storage capacity. All cameras also support the ONVIF profiles S and T, so that they are compatible with the corresponding ONVIF-compliant IP products from other manufacturers - the best prerequisite for cross-manufacturer, tailor-made and future-proof video security solutions. And finally, the model series meets the requirements of the US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which is particularly relevant for installers and system integrators whose customers are active in the USA. Overall, the new network camera series is recommended for a wide range of standard applications thanks to its straightforward functionality and price and performance.