Art. No.: 227478

    Camera Recorder Set of 1 x NVR IER-28R040205A, 4 x Fix Dome IED-54F0028M0A


    • Network Dome Fixed 2.8mm, Day&Night lens
    • Resolution max. 2592x1520
    • Compression H.265/H.264
    • Cross-web-browsing
    • ROI (Region of interest) Hi-Stream to reduce the bandwidth
    • Compact design, Outdoor applications, IP66
    • 4-channel network video recorder, 2TB HDD
    • Easy installation with eneo IP cameras
    • Resolution IP cameras up to 8 megapixel
    • 4x alarm input and 1x alarm output
    • 4x PoE port (IEEE802.3af), total power 38W
    • 4K 3840x2160 HDMI / VGA monitor output

    More product information

    Detailed specifications and operating instructions for the products used in the Safe&Easy-Set-04DF (227478) can be found under these article numbers
    227034: IER-28R040205A
    225713: IED-54F0028M0A

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