Configuration 1x PNR-53xx with 1-32 eneo IP Cameras
Art. No.
  • Pre-configuration of a IER-xxxx recorder
  • Integration of up to 32 eneo cameras
  • Function test of each component
  • Update to latest firmware versions if required
  • Configuration according to specified IP settings
  • Test assembly of the application and test run
  • Erstellen einer Dokumentation
Preconfiguration of the eneo PNR-53xx series and 1-32 eneo IP cameras based on customer needs. Please use the questionnaire in the download area to transmit your configuration requirements.
More Choices:
  1. HDD-3000SATA Purple
    Art. No.: 217657 HDD-3000SATA Purple
    Hard Disk Drive 3TB, SATA, for eneo Video Recorders, expansion
  2. HDD-2000SATA Purple
    Art. No.: 217658 HDD-2000SATA Purple
    Hard Disk Drive 2TB, SATA, for eneo Video Recorders, expansion
  3. HDD-4000SATA Purple
    Art. No.: 217659 HDD-4000SATA Purple
    Hard Disk Drive 4TB, SATA, for eneo Video Recorders, expansion
  4. HDD-6000SATA Purple
    Art. No.: 217660 HDD-6000SATA Purple
    Hard Disk Drive 6TB, SATA, for eneo Video Recorders, expansion
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