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The New eneo IER Series

Now Available: The New eneo IER Network Video Recorders

As of today, the new eneo IER series is available. On this page, we present you with key information on the new NVRs which impress both by performance and cost-effectiveness. The eneo IER series stands for recording solutions that impress through their performance and cost effectiveness. The new NVRs are ideal for all small and medium-sized applications that need a scalable and networked solution for video recording. Existing systems based on the eneo PNR 5300 series can also be integrated by the new NVRs.

The IER-25R040004A (4 channels), IER-25N080004A (8 channels) and IER-25N160004A (16 channels) record video streams with resolutions up to 5 megapixels and come with a spot monitor output.

The IER-38R160005A (16 channels) and IER-38R320005A (32 channels) not only support H.264/H.265 video compression, they also record with a maximum resolution of 8 megapixels at full refresh rate. In addition to a spot monitor output, these two extremely high-performance network videorecorders feature a 4K monitor output. All recorders enable memory expansion over eSATA. Furthermore, they support the iSCSI protocol making video recording possible on integrated network storage devices. The eneo IER series thus considerably raises memory capacity limits. Its WARP feature allows users to network multiple eneo IER recorders and remotely configure and operate them by a single NVR. Integration of IP video sources does not need any networking skills or a PC: the cameras are simply connected to each IER recorder by the convenient and time-saving plug and play feature.

IEM-38R640005A: video management system in standalone format

The new NVRs are complemented by the eneo IEM-38R640005A virtual matrix. Just like a traditional analogue matrix switcher, it displays multiple IER recorders on a common user interface and therefore permits management of up to 64 IP video sources. The IER NVRs integrated in the network can not only be configured by the WARP feature of the virtual matrix, it can even control them directly. Redundant recording on all 64 channels is also possible. A PC client is also not needed for video network management: the compact box that can be positioned on the desktop or fitted in a 19" rack is, in principle, a hardware-based VMS client with an HDMI output for monitors with a 4K resolution as well as a VGA output for full HD resolution.

Management platform eneo Center / eneo Center mobile

The IER series comes with the new eneo Center central management platform. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS systems and enables integration and central management of eneo NVRs and IP cameras in customised surveillance solutions. Besides traditional video management, eneo Center provides advanced information on the system status, and its event monitor delivers a continuous full overview of the situation. The intuitive user interface gives optimal functionality combined with maximum user friendliness thanks to the user interface design oriented especially on the operational requirements of video security applications. The eneo Center mobile app supports Android and iOS and gives access to eneo video surveillance systems at all times. Just like the stationary management platform, the app also provides high user convenience.