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The New 4K Cameras

More Details, Thanks to Ultra HD

The new eneo 4K IEB-78M3611MAA (bullet design) and IED-68M3611MAA (dome) cameras provide video footage with unprecedented sharpness of detail for unambiguous position detection and clear gathering of evidence. Due to the superior image sharpness of 4K or ultra HD cameras, only a few cameras of this type are required to monitor very large areas. The maximum resolution of 3840x2160 pixels corresponds to the pixels of four Full HD cameras. This enables unambiguous identification of people even over long distances. Because four times as many pixels result in four times the sharper detail enhancement.

Advanced video analysis

eneo IP video cameras offer built-in video analysis capabilities such as motion detection, tamper protection, virtual tripwire (with counting/direction detection) and area monitoring.


Furthermore, the new 4K IEB-78M3611MAA and IED-68M3611MAA cameras have extended analysis capabilities, which include not only the functions mentioned, but also loitering and intrusion detection along with person recognition. Like all eneo network cameras, the new ultra HD cameras support ONVIF Profile S and are accordingly compatible with the ONVIF compliant products of other manufacturers.

Intelligent video compression via SmartCodec
SmartCodec ensures very effective image transmission, due to its dynamic bandwidth-saving image transmission. In static images the video data is heavily compressed in order to save as much bandwidth as possible – exactly how much the user can decide during the configuration itself. However, if any motion appears on the image, the SmartCodec reduces the compression in the relevant image areas. The advantage of dynamic compression: with the network capacity provided, more video streams can be transmitted and network hardware costs can be saved. Moreover, the reduction in data volume significantly increases storage capacity by allowing more hours of video footage to be backed up on the drives.

Image optimisation functions: reliable object and person recognition
For image enhancement under difficult lighting conditions such as, for example, for backlighting when monitoring entrance areas and effectively detecting people against bright backgrounds, the new ultra HD cameras are equipped with Smart BLC. This feature automatically darkens overexposed areas of the image while lightening underexposed areas.


Improving the image quality is also ensured by True WDR, which is particularly useful for the recognition of vehicle licence plates with activated headlamps. This function superimposes two differently exposed images on top of each other and arranges them in an optimised image. This compensates for strong contrasts and differences in brightness.
2D DNR/3D DNR reduces image distortion resulting from noise by using digital filtering. 3D DNR performs multi-dimensional digital noise reduction and is useful for optimising the image at night or in dimly lit locations. Not only does this feature effectively reduce unwanted image noise, it also offsets image errors by the use of colour mixing, extrapolating and removing even the smallest defective image pixels.

Video security around the clock
The integrated IR illumination of the IEB-78M3611MAA and IED-68M3611MAA enables effective video surveillance even at night. In the case of the bullet camera, 34 LEDs with a wavelength of 850 nm provide a range of about 30 m which allows an excellent illumination of the surveillance area. The IED-68M3611MAA dome version is equipped with 28 equally powerful IR LEDs.