PTZ for fixed cameras: Pointing Zoom allows flexible zooming in live view

A known issue in video security in practice: fixed cameras with a fixed or variable focal length frequently do not zoom in on the face, rather on the body or feet. The reason for this is that the person in the area under surveillance moves or the head is not in centre frame, but a conventional zoom lens always focuses on the centre of the image. With an increasing zoom factor, i.e. increasing magnification, more and more picture elements are moved to the edge of the image or disappear completely from the image area. This has the effect that what matters is frequently not seen.

Not so with cameras with the innovative Pointing Zoom that, just like the Smart Motion Zoom feature, allows fixed cameras to execute a visual pan to capture objects or persons in any position of the image area and enlarge what is really relevant. The feature allows users to trigger a zoom on a defined image area manually while in live view for which, unlike PTZ models, the camera executes a visual pan.

Fixed cameras with Pointing Zoom are ideal, for instance, for video security installations in entrances and at cash registers, in corridors and stairwells, or at ATMs. A whole range of camera models in the eneo Candid and Callisto series feature this innovative zoom function that turns a fixed camera into a PTZ model.