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    RAS Mobile is the smartphone app for access to eneo recorders in the following series:

    • DMR-XXXX
    • DLR-XXXX
    • PNR-XXXX
    • TVR-XXXX
    • MPR-XXXX

    This Quick Start Guide explains how you can add your recorders to the app so that you can remotely access them.

    1. Download the RAS Mobile app onto your smartphone:

    RAS Mobile for Android

    RAS Mobile for iOS

    After you first launch the app, go to Settings and change the address of the FEN servers to fen.eneo-security.com. Then save the setting:

    3. Now go to the "New site" option to add a new recorder:

    4. Enter the data for remote access to the system:
    Name: Enter a name for the system
    FEN Name: Enter the FEN name you used for registering the recorder for the FEN service
    Use FEN: Check mark
    User ID: User name for the recorder
    Password: Password for the recorder

    5. Save: Create the new recorder with "Save". You can now access your recorder.