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    The PXB-2280Z10 D bullet camera has a built-in 10x AF zoom lens. The focal length of 5.1-51mm gives you great flexibility, because you can manually zoom into the scene whenever you want. Furthermore, the camera zoom function can be linked to the built-in motion detection, which then enables the camera to zoom into the scene optically when motion has been detected. This guide gives a step-by-step explanation of how this is accomplished.

    Step-by-step configuration

    1. In the camera web interface navigate to Device Configuration -> PTZ -> PTZ OSD Menu.

    2. On the next page click on the "Menu" button to open the camera OSD Menu.

    3. You navigate in OSD Menu by using the "up", "down", "left" and "right" arrows and the "Menu" button. Navigate to "Intelligence" and click on "Menu":

    4. Navigate to "Motion" and click the arrow to the right to enable the entry. Then click on "Menu" to enter the Motion menu:

    5. The following parameters are set in this menu:

    • Area#: You can set up to three different motion areas.
    • Mode: Enable or disable the selected motion area.
    • Sensitivity: Sensitivity for motion detection. NOTE: A lower value means a higher sensitivity.
    • Position: Define the position for the detection region.
    • Size: Define the size of the detection region.
    • Interval Time: Set the time to the next event (idle time).
    • Dwell Time: Camera dwell time at the Zoom Preset position before it returns to the home position.
    • Zoom Preset: If the camera is to move to a specific zoom position when motion has been detected, then enable this option and click on "Menu" to open the settings for the Preset position:

    6. You set the required zoom with the zoom-in and zoom-out buttons on the left. Now confirm your settings by clicking on "Menu". The camera will then return to the home position, save the settings and go back to the Motion main menu:

    7. Now press the [SAVE] and [BACK] buttons until the OSD menu disappears in the live menu.

    Your camera will now move to the configured Zoom Preset position when it detects movement in the configured detection region.