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    Integration of an eneo camera in a Synology NAS recorder

    To connect an eneo camera to the Synology NAS you will need the Synology Assistant.

    The Synology Assistant can be downloaded from here:


    Instal and launch the Synology Assistant. Using the Synology Assistent you can search for the recorder in the network. After the recorder is found you can connect on it by right mouse click, and choosing "Connect".

    The login windows will appear in a web browser. You can now login using the username "admin" and the password "admin".

    To connect a camera, open the menu of the recorder, which is located in the upper left corner of the window and select Surveillance Station.

    To connect the camera select "IP Camera" and click on "add".

    New window will appear. Chose the "complete setup":

    A new camera will be connected by adding a Name, an IP address, and the port. In this case the port remains on 80.

    The camera can be connected using the ONVIF protocol or by using the already embedded protocol in the Synology recorder, like in the following case.

    The camera will be connected by using the username “root” and password “root” of the camera.

    Click on "Test Connection", and if everything is OK then the camera is already connected. If so, go to the next step.

    After the camera is connected, you can choose between more streams for the recording, live or the mobile remote connection.

    In the below case there are two streams:

    For the mobile connection the lowest resolution is the standard so that the data transfer is low when you use a mobile phone or a tablet.

    In this case scenario the choice is the permanent recording.

    If you want to use the motion detection, you will have to activate the motion detection first in the camera.

    In the case below recording storage limit was set to 10GB. When the limit is reached, the recordings will be rewritten.

    The next step will be to choose the time table. Here you can also choose the motion detection recording.

    After the camera is connected the whole connection will look like this.

    The camera is already recording as you can see from the red dot.