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    eneo FEN service for remote access to recorders

    The eneo FEN service is a free DDNS service. It will help you whenever you want to or have to reach your eneo recorder over the internet but your internet connection has no fixed public IP address. The advantages offered to you by the eneo FEN service are:

    • Absolutely no registration is needed on an internet website
    • The complete configuration is performed in your recorder
    • The data are hosted on a German server

    The following guide describes the configuration steps in the eneo recorder for enabling and configuring the FEN service. Additionally, configuration of the iRAS client is shown so that you can use it to access your recorder. This guide relates to the following series of eneo devices:

    • DMR-XXXX
    • DLR-XXXX
    • PNR-XXXX
    • TVR-XXXX
    • MPR-XXXX

    Configuring your recorder for FEN

    Prerequisite: A mouse is connected to the USB port on your recorder

    1. Move the mouse to the right of the screen until the recorder menu bar appears.
    2. Select the "Settings" gear icon. The recorder configuration screen appears.
    3. Select the "Network" icon:

    4. Click on "FEN" at the left:

    5. The following view is shown:

    • Use FEN: Check the option "Use FEN" to activate the service on your recorder.
    • FEN Server: Make sure that the address fen.eneo-security.com is entered in the field "FEN-Server". If it should have a different address, please change it.
    • Port: The default port for the FEN service is 10088. Change it if it is already used by another service in your network. In most case it can be left as it is.
    • FEN Name: The FEN Name is the unique identifier for your recorder. Make up a name, enter it and click on "Check". The recorder automatically checks whether the name you have chosen is available. If this is the case, it will be registered for you and can be used immediately. If the name is already used by another user, select a different name.
      Make a note of the FEN Name! You will need this in the second part of this guide when you access your recorder.

    Integrating the recorder in iRAS over FEN

    1. Start iRAS:
    2. Go to System-> iRAS Setup -> Network:

    3. In the "FEN" section make the following settings:

      In this way you "tell" the software that you want to connect to an eneo recorder.
    4. To add your recorder, now click on "Device" at the top left:

    5. Then click on the "+" symbol below to add a device:

    6. The following screen appears:

      • Protocol: Select iRAS.
      • Scan Mode: Select FEN.
      • FEN Name: Enter the FEN name you entered in your recorder in the first part of this guide. Click on "Start Scan" to let iRAS search for your recorder.
      • Your recorder will appear in the list. Place a tick in front of it and click on the "Add Device" button below.
    7. Then enter the access data of the recorder in the next screen:

    8. The device can now be used in iRAS.