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    PNR-XXXX – Dynamic Stream

    The Dynamic stream function in the PNR-53XX and PNR-54XX recorders automatically governs the resolution of the stream transmitted to the client up or down depending on the image currently displayed on the client. When, for example, a camera in full screen mode is displayed in the iRAS client software, a full HD best quality stream is transmitted and displayed on the screen. However, when multiple cameras are switched onto the screen at the same time (e.g. 4 or 16 layout), the recorder automatically adjusts the resolution of the streams down so that it optimises the required bandwidth and does not overload the client. Otherwise the client would have to display 16 full HD streams which is a major challenge for many computers.

    Example: The large view below is assigned a full HD stream, the imagery in the smaller tiles in this example are streamed with a resolution of 960x540.

    Dynamic streaming: Configuration

    In the Camera -> Stream menu the "Dynamic stream" Remote Video Profile is very easy to enable:

    This is not a global setting that applies to all cameras.
    You can configure the remote video profile for each camera individually according to your needs.