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    Weeze Airport: Video security with eneo IP cameras

    At Weeze Airport in North Rhine-Westphalia IP cameras are integrated in the parking management system and provide security in the ticket areas.

    Weeze Airport opened in 2003 and with 1.8 million passengers (in 2014) it is one of the major international airports in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is located approximately 70 km north of Düsseldorf in the District of Kleve near the A57 autobahn directly on the Dutch border. The main customer of the Lower Rhine airport is the low-cost airline Ryanair, which has expanded the airport into one of its biggest German bases. Over 1,000 people are employed at the airport and in the companies and authorities established here. The airport area contains 7,000 passenger car parking spaces.

    Professional solution for video surveillance and automatic number plate recognition

    16.09.2016 12:58:18

    Modern parking technology is essential for smooth operation of such a large car park. The choice of the airport operator fell on a system from the company SkiData, which was commissioned with installation of a video surveillance system with automatic number plate recognition. SkiData in turn resorted to the know-how and support of its long-standing partner company PMS GmbH: the Mainz-based company was entrusted with the delivery and installation of video surveillance technology, as well as the automatic number plate recognition of the 16 entry and exit lanes. The PMS automatic number plate recognition system is connected over a bi-directional interface to the SkiData car park management system.

    Network cameras from the eneo Candid series monitor "hot spots"

    Particularly critical and therefore relevant zones for video surveillance are the areas at the ticket columns at the entries and exits. PXB-2080MIR D Candid network cameras were mounted on masts here, complemented by the Easy Installation Box AK-4, which ensures tidy, secure and convenient mast mounting for the bullet cameras. The high resolution IP video cameras (full HD, 1920 x 1080) with the built-in infrared LED lighting and the swivelling IR cut filter are designed for use around the clock. They are mounted so that they can equally cover the ticket column and the vehicle. Whenever a call is received, they are automatically connected to the video clients of the connected video management server in the control centre. Complete views of the monitored areas are provided by additional overview cameras of the same type fitted on the masts.

    Ticket areas secured by Callisto IP domes

    The ticket machines on the car park and in the terminal are also in the focus of the video surveillance system for security and service reasons. Full HD network cameras from the PXD-2080MIR D Callisto modular dome camera series are in use here that are activated from the control centre. These network-based fixed domes with varifocal lens (2.8-10 mm) with built-in IR LEDs are ideal for day and night use and feature a coated, scratch-resistant dome. In addition to an integrated motion detector and electronic PTZ control, they are equipped with the Smart Motion-Zoom and Pointing Zoom functions that are able to capture objects or persons in any position of the image area by a visual pan, which makes them truly ideal for video security applications in ticket areas or at ATMs.
    Volker Nieraad, the responsible Managing Director of PMS GmbH, is extremely satisfied, both with the integration of eneo IP cameras into the parking management system as well as the mast mounting of the Candid bullet cameras. "I have seldom experienced such a fast and tidy installation. The eneo "Easy Installation" concept really works perfectly with the AK-4 installation solution for Candid bullet cameras. But what is also impressive, and this is of utmost importance at the end of the day, is the quality of the video imagery."

    The extension of the video security system is already planned. What has already been decided is to link multiple external large parking areas to the video control centre in Weeze and the complete video surveillance of the approach to the terminal.