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    Smooth integration

    Integration of IP video technology in existing systems: Hein Netzwerktechnik equipped the administration building of a North Rhine-Westphalian transportation company with an eneo IP video surveillance system integrating the existing analogue technology.

    Hein Netzwerktechnik GmbH from Ratingen provides tailored solutions in the information and communications technology sector for all sizes of customers, starting from small medium-sized enterprises right up to international groups. Technicians from the system integrator always maintain constant dialogue with their customers to develop the optimal and most cost-effective solution.

    This was also the case during installation of a video security system in and around the administration building of a North Rhine-Westphalian transportation company. A special requirement for this project was use of the existing 2-wire cabling for installation of network cameras. The system integrator fell back on VDSL modems supplying PoE along with matching outdoor housings. Furthermore, the existing analogue pole-mounted cameras including the bell contact connections had to be integrated into the video system, which is why the Hein network technicians added a network video server with 12 channels for integration of analogue camera signals. An additional special requirement was that the publicly accessible areas bordering the site had to be excluded from the video surveillance for data protection reasons. Therefore, only cameras with a privacy zone masking feature could be considered. And because various critical points had to be monitored from one starting point, PTZ domes were also needed. The fact that video security products from eneo were chosen was because of one simple reason according to Hein Netzwerktechnik: "We opted for eneo products because of their excellent cost effectiveness. This was a public tender that demanded maximum functionality and economy. The tendered eneo system exceeded these two customer central requirements and eneo was therefore awarded the contract."

    The eneo system consists of 18 model IPB-62M2812M0A IP cameras with a bullet design, two IPP-82A0030MIA network PTZ domes and one PNR-5564R VMS server including iNEX software for up to 50 cameras. All camera models support privacy zone masking.

    The two IPP-82A0030MIA network dome cameras feature PTZ, an IP66-compliant outdoor housing made from solid aluminium along with an autofocus zoom lens (30x optical zoom, 16x digital zoom) and a focal length of 4.3–129mm. Its flexible illumination system comprising fixed and zoom-synchronised IR LEDs achieves night vision coverage up to 300 metres, whilst the Sony STARVIS 2.4 MP CMOS sensor (IMX291) ensures optimum HD picture quality (1080p/720p) around the clock. ONVIF Profile S ensures interoperability with IP products from other manufacturers. The ONVIF mapping feature enables coding of defined events as an ONVIF alarm, which also ensures maximum integration in VMS and NVR systems. On-board the camera are video analysis functions such as motion detection, tampering protection, a virtual tripwire function with integrated counting function and direction recognition, area monitoring, face recognition and defog.

    The Hein Netzwerktechnik technicians configured an automatic camera tour for the two domes in the surveillance software, which the customer can simply launch by pressing a button.

    The network bullet cameras in the IP66-compliant aluminium housing come with motorised 3 megapixel varifocal lenses featuring push focus which enables lens fine adjustment over the web-based user interface. In addition to the motorised 4x zoom, the IPB-62M2812M0As have a 16x digital zoom. They also provide the video analysis functions of motion detection, tampering protection, virtual tripwire (including integrated counter and direction recognition), area monitoring, face recognition and defog as well as ONVIF-Profile-S support and ONVIF mapping. The four IR High Power LEDs have a range of approximately 50 metres along with automatic illumination level adjustment to match the environmental conditions thanks to Smart IR technology. Further technical features are vertical view, lens distortion correction and a browser-based web interface with responsive design.

    The PNR-5564R is a full HD real time NVR with 64 channels. The maximum data throughput is 300 Mbps, the maximum internal hard disk capacity 48TB. This device also supports ONVIF Profile S.

    All the deployed eneo products operate perfectly with the other system components, including 48 port PoE+ switches from Cisco, a VDSL-switch and 16 VDSL PoE+ modems from Rubytech, as well as Eizo wide gamut monitors for three control positions with Intel NUCs.

    In addition to interoperability and performance, the system integrator as well as the customer are both extremely satisfied with the advice and service provided by eneo: "We were given competent presales support and our requests were always handled very quickly. And eneo Support was always quick to provide us with advice during the entire project." Hein Netzwerktechnik plans further installations with eneo products in the near future: "We will definitely continue to work together with eneo. We are planning conversion of a hotel, to move away from a solution with 80 cameras, that has stretched its resources to its limits, to an iNEX server solution from eneo. We are also specifically planning an eneo solution with 30 cameras at a price-sensitive online mail-order company with a large warehouse area." As always, we'll keep you posted.