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    Video surveillance in the shooting centre

    A visit to Ulm: eneo complete system provides additional security in the Müller Schießzentrum Ulm (MSZU) shooting centre

    As I arrive at the entrance to the Müller Schießzentrum Ulm (MSZU) shooting centre on a drizzly day in early March, I have no idea what to expect. I am only familiar with pistols and guns from action films and a Swiss army knife is the only weapon I have ever held in my hands. But I am not here to shoot.

    eneo complete system installed with 43 dome cameras and five digital video recorders

    An eneo complete system was installed in MSZU with 43 dome cameras and five digital video recorders, and I would like to see it. Mario Messner, Managing Director of the security agency Müller Sicherheitsdienste Ulm (MSDU), is awaiting me out front. He is responsible for both, the security concept of the shooting centre and the more than 600 Müller health and beauty retailers.

    I ask him why he decided on eneo as we enter the shop of the shooting centre. "eneo complete systems have been doing an outstanding job in health and beauty retailers for years. They are absolutely reliable products. It went without saying that the shooting centre would also use eneo," explains Mario Messner. The shop offers 1,200 square metres with a full range of products for hunters and sports shooters.

    The salesrooms have a sophisticated design with a large landscape diorama in the middle. They constitute a particularly sensitive area because in addition to clothing for men and women, over 500 long and short firearms are offered, along with approximately 900 different kinds of ammunition, all of which are of course securely stored behind special glass. "Professional video surveillance was still very important to us, even though the law doesn't require it," says Mario Messner. "The surveillance has a preventative effect and provides additional security when no one is in the salesroom, for example at night."

    Largest shooting centre in Europe

    At the end of the shop, Mario Messner opens a glass door and we go down into the underground range facility of the MSZU. I use the world "facility" deliberately because anyone who wasn't impressed by the size of the shop will now surely understand why the MSZU is Europe's largest shooting centre.

    At the beginning of the 300-metre shooting range, I initially fall for an optical illusion. The first 100 metres are freely accessible and the floor is in a warm brown tone. In contrast, the rear part of the range is green and the backstop at the end is black, which gives the impression that the range ends after 100 metres. "No, no, the range doesn't really end until all the way in the back at the black rectangle" says Mario Messner. As in the salesrooms, fixed domes are also installed here. "The entire facility was designed and built according to the latest security standards," explains Mario Messner.

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    "However, we wanted to safeguard ourselves even more. Therefore, we also rely on continuous video documentation here. This also applies to the shooting ranges which are 25 and 100 metres long." MSZU doesn't just set new standards in terms of size and security. Both the air conditioning with high-power ventilation which extracts the lead dust and the environmental concept with professional disposal of the shell casings are unique. The shooting gallery with its 100-metre shooting range is unparalleled because the 3D hunting simulation with its animated animals is the only one of its kind worldwide. Shooters go on very realistic driven hunts and can subsequently analyse their hits precisely in the 3D model of the targeted animals.

    Seven parallel shooting ranges and even a high stand offer ideal training conditions, particularly for hunters. In addition to hunters, the 25-metre shooting gallery is also intended for police officers and security agents who can practise all standard disciplines there, including night simulations. eneo fixed domes also provide additional security here.

    Clay pigeon hall

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    Finally Mario Messner leads me out past the shop, café and car parks to the largest MSZU building, the indoor clay pigeon shooting range. On 3,000 square metres with a ceiling height of 22 meters, 26 traps make it possible to practice various shooting disciplines year round, including the Olympic disciplines skeet, trap and double trap in addition to rabbit, battue and normal pigeon.

    Trap shooting has been an Olympic sport since 1900 and challenges shooters in a special way because they don't know which one of their three traps will release in which direction. Two Fastrax Speed Domes are installed between the shooters at a height of more than 18 metres. Mario Messner explains why this product was selected: "High resolution was particularly important to us here, but of course in a hall this big, a high zoom factor is a factor which cannot be neglected.”

    On the way back to the car park, Mario Messner adds: "For recording, we rely on five video recorders installed at the respective camera locations. However, they can also be controlled and administered centrally via the network."

    The light rain has stopped in the meantime and a few rays of sunshine have even emerged. Before we say goodbye, I ask him if he would decide on eneo again in the future. “Any time,” comes Mario Messner’s reply.