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    Mission Possible

    State-of-the-art IP video technology from eneo and video management software from Aimetis secure the headquarters of a large state-owned company in Ankara

    December 2012, company headquarters of Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu (MKE), Ankara, Turkey: The company building of the state-owned company is to be equipped with modern IP video surveillance technology. A job for ITS Elektronik, eneo and Aimetis.

    Sophisticated job specifications

    18.09.2016 07:14:16

    When Ayşen Kiraz, from ITS Elektronik in Istanbul, receives the sophisticated job specifications, she quickly realises that this “mission” will require a combination of eneo IP cameras and Aimetis Software. “Before the start of the project, we met with the customer and showed him various eneo cameras and test recordings. He was immediately convinced by the quality of the images and videos.” After evaluating the list of specifications, a decision is finally made in favour of the NXC-1602M box camera, a full-HD network camera with daytime and nighttime mode and a swiveling IR blocking filter; the units are to be installed throughout the premises. The MKE representatives are equally impressed with PLD-2036, a PTZ network dome with 36-x zoom that will be used in special areas.

    High-performance video management

    18.09.2016 07:14:36

    As to video management software, the MKE representatives rely on Aimetis Symphony Professional. The recording period is one month, and it is realised by way of a 36-terabyte system from Dell. The NXC cameras operate with 720p and 10 frames per second (fps), while the PLD cameras use 25 fps and provide D1 resolution. The video management software includes motion detection, which facilitates video analysis later on.

    The signal flow turned out to be particularly challenging, since the main issue here was to prevent a “bottleneck.” While the tertiary area, i. e. the camera network, could still get by with standard copper lines with 100 Mbit and PoE, the secondary area (the uplink for the hallway switches) required fiber-optic cables. In the back-end area, a copper-based gigabit network was ultimately chosen. If, as originally planned, a 100-Mbit network card had been used here, the performance limit would have been quickly reached when reading and writing the video data onto NAS (Network-Attached Storage), thus creating a bottleneck at a sensitive point.

    Simple and efficient installation, a special task for the PTZs

    18.09.2016 07:14:56

    Installing the box-type cameras was very simple and efficient because of their additional analogue output to which a small service monitor can be connected: This allowed for controlling both direction and focus directly on the camera, while at the same time the network settings were adjusted in the central server room.

    The PLD-2036 PTZ domes will act as overview cameras. 32” and 42” monitors will be put to work at the headquarters.

    Technology partnership as a solid basis of major projects

    Even a large-scale security project involving the strict security requirements of a state-owned enterprise is no “Mission Impossible” for eneo hardware and Aimetis software. On the contrary, the technology partnership between the two video surveillance experts provides a strong foundation for the realization of such ambitious security projects. Without limitations or experimental workarounds. In short: Mission complete.