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    eneo dome cameras safeguard the company premises of the Frankfurt fresh produce centre

    Surveillance over large-scale premises

    In the Frankfurt fresh produce centre, approximately 130 retailers take care of an annual transshipment of 440,000 tonnes, which feed up to 5 million consumers in the Rhine-Main region. Heer GmbH relies on eneo's technology for the surveillance of the spacious company premises.

    18.09.2016 07:18:08

    When the Frankfurt Großmarkthalle was reconstructed to become the new home of the European Central Bank, the Frankfurt fresh produce centre was built as a new location. A wholesale market was constructed on 133,000 square metres, offering space for wholesalers, importers and forwarding agents while fulfilling the latest requirements for technology and logistics. Just like the former Großmarkthalle, it primarily appeals to resellers and bulk consumers. Over 130 food wholesalers and importers provide an average of 3,000 customers (wholesalers, restaurants, commercial kitchens, hotels, food retailers) with fruit, vegetables, international fine food specialities, organic products, poultry, fish, meat and dairy products.

    For the security of the huge area surrounding the two 300 metre long building complexes, the operating company FRIBEG relies on video surveillance and chose eneo's technology. From now on, the domes and cameras installed by Heer GmbH which feature a high light sensitivity and a 5–50 mm lens will observe all areas of the spacious company premises, including the access area, receiving area and the surrounding car park.

    18.09.2016 07:18:27

    The high-resolution domes are mounted on lighting masts to provide complete documentation: such as vehicle entry or exit, when one of the 1,000 employees parks on the company car park, when customers wish to access the company premises secured by a barrier, or when hauliers want to deliver goods to the loading ramp.

    Precision control over number plates

    Patterns have been programmed to view sensitive areas at regular intervals. If required, number plates can be pinpointed for vehicle identification. The domes are also installed in a 4.9” housing with integral heater and fan for outdoor use.

    When starting up the system, the security agency was surprised when the zoom features of the domes made the inspection date recognisable on a truck located 400 metres away. This is why the Frankfurt fresh produce centre authorised representative Guido Jahnke has drawn a positive conclusion: "On one hand, video surveillance allows us to monitor and analyse individual situations on the premises. On the other hand, in case of an alarm, the identification and conclusive documentation of the results is possible."