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    Commerzbank Arena Frankfurt: eneo IP video cameras in automated parking management

    When it comes to parking management applications, network video cameras show they can do more than security. In Frankfurt Commerzbank Arena a demo system with eneo IP cameras illustrates the convincing evidence showing how security, economy and convenience can be combined.

    18.09.2016 06:24:23

    Installation and maintenance of video and parking management systems is the core business of PMS GmbH. Parking management and classic video surveillance mesh together in the state-of-the art parking systems provided by SkiData, with whom the company from Mainz collaborates. Network video camera from eneo are an integral part of these systems. The high-resolution video signals from the cameras are processed by the SkiData software to create the conditions for efficiency and customer convenience on the parking areas. At the same time, the cameras ensure security at critical points, for example the ticket machines and ticket columns. In the event of a claim, they provide the imagery necessary for clarification. In this dual function, eneo IP cameras have already passed the practical test in several major projects for which the PMS GmbH is responsible. Such as at Weeze Airport in North Rhine-Westphalia and in Doha, the capital of the Emirate of Qatar.

    Video-supported vehicle search and more

    To see the interaction of the eneo IP camera units with the car park management system, all you have to do is drive to Frankfurt am Main where the company operates a demo system in the parking lot of the Commerzbank Arena. In this presentation system, the signals transmitted from the network cameras perform the following functions:

    • Status information on the condition of each individual parking bay (occupied/free),
    • Control of RGB LEDs above the parking bays (red = occupied, green = free),
    • Continuous security and insurance-related video surveillance coverage between the parked vehicles as well as the driving lane,
    • Car finder support though automatic number plate recognition at every parking space.

    Essential: Full HD

    High definition video signals are absolutely essential for ensuring the system software can process the incoming signals into meaningful information for output to the user interfaces (signal lights at the parking bays, electronic occupancy indicator, car finder). Additionally, the cameras must have automatic image correction to enable delivery of usable images even under difficult lighting conditions, such as in multi-storey car parks; other important factors are robustness and low vulnerability to failures – demands that eneo Callisto IP Domes meet in all respects. Thanks to themodular housing design and various optional accessories characteristic for this camera series, they can also flexibly and appropriately adapt to the widest range of different local conditions and installation scenarios. For instance, eneo Easy Installation Boxes, wall mounts, mount rings and special wedge adapters are available for Callisto.

    Proven installation solution

    18.09.2016 06:25:00

    The last accessory listed above was also used for installation of the PMS demo system in the multi-storey car park at the Frankfurt Commerzbank Arena: "The Callisto wedge adapter was very helpful for us here", confirmed Volker Nieraad. The component reduces the tile angle of a dome by approximately 12° thus increasing the horizontal and vertical range of the camera. This, according to Volker Nieraad, makes them the optimal mounting solutions for the test application, because they allowed full video capture of the parking bays. The network cameras themselves feature a 2 megapixel resolution, built-in IR LED lighting and, in addition to other functions, 3D-DNR, i.e. multidimensional digital noise reduction. This function, developed for video recording at night or in difficult light conditions, ensures exact number plate recognition in the stadium car park.

    Driving lane and parking bays both at a glance

    The cameras are installed opposite each other along the driving lane so they can provide parking and security-related information by delivering imagery of the parking bays and at the same time monitor the driving lane. The management software evaluates the live images and uses this visual information to update switching of the signal lights above the parking spaces. Car drivers can therefore identify from a distance whether a parking space is free or occupied. Additional electronic occupancy indicators also give information on the total number of free parking spaces available in a section. This avoids having to drive around unnecessarily, which prevents congestion and helps reduce emissions.

    Touch panel for extra parking convenience

    18.09.2016 06:25:16The demo system also includes a touch panel for live testing of the convenient car finder. So simple the principle, so complex the technology required for implementation: At the ticket request in the entrance to the parking lot, the car number plate is recorded and encoded in the system for reasons of data protection. The code assigned to the car is printed on the issued ticket. If, which may sometimes happen, a driver can no longer remember where he parked, he simply enters the code on one of the touch panels and the display shows him the exact position of his car. What in Frankfurt is currently only used for demonstration purposes has been reality for a long time now in Doha: PMS GmbH installed a state-of-the-art parking system here, consisting of around 1,700 eneo network cameras and 30 car finder touch panels.