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      Art. No. 218218

      Management Software for eneo IP Cameras


      • Automatic scanning and management of eneo IP cameras
      • Setting the network configuration (desktop version)
      • Multidisplay of different cameras
      • Massupdates (parallel) of eneo IP cameras
      • Save and restore individual camera settings
      • Camera status messages (desktop version)
      • Preview live pictures
      • Quick access to the web interface
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      Art. No. 217368

      Remote Software IER-25xx, IER-38xx Series


      • Software support UHD (3840x2160) resolution
      • Live screen (Max. 4 monitors @ 64 tabs)
      • User-defined display layouts
      • Live, Playback, Status, and Event Monitoring
      • Multilingual user interface
      • Supports eneo IP cameras
      • Hotspot window for event monitoring
      • Remote access to recorder and cameras
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      Art. No. 210144

      Management program for eneo IP Cameras


      • Discovery of eneo cameras
      • Edit of network configuration settings
      • Firmware upgrade for all IP camera series
      • Preview window with live pictures
      • Changing the IP address of the computer
      • Display of all eneo devices in your network
      • Quick access to the Web Interface
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      Art. No. 209076

      Mobile App, for Android and iOS, compatible to DLR, DMR, PNR-53xx, TVR series


      • Remote sites via network connection anytime
      • GridView for multiple cameras
      • DashBoard for connection status
      • Touch to Scroll for selecting cameras
      • Support Live and Search mode
      • 1 channel screenshot on Live/Search
      • PTZ control
      • Supports 720p/1080p resolution
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      Art. No. 207186

      Remote Software MER-32xx, MER-22xx and HDR-50xx Recorder Series


      • Simultaneous link to up to 144 cameras
      • E-Map function with integrated editor
      • Enhanced network framework
      • Multi monitor support
      • Multiple language support
      • Remote DVR status checking & reporting
      • Time-based and event image search
      • Notification of detected events
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