ONVIF: cross-vendor interoperability of eneo IP products

ONVIF Logoeneo is a member of the ONVIF industry forum.
ONVIF promotes the interoperability of IP-based physical security products and in this respect offers standardised interfaces which guarantee compatibility, independent of brands and IP products.
Thanks to a broad international membership base in the fields of camera technology, video management and access control, thousands of ONVIF-compliant IP products are available. In order to give installers, system integrators and end users the greatest possible flexibility when planning and installing network-based video surveillance systems, the eneo IP products support the following ONVIF profiles:

ONVIF Profil S

ONVIF Profil S: video streaming and camera configuration

ONVIF Profile S compliant IP devices can transfer IP data to a Profile S compliant client (e.g. video management software) over the network. In addition to configuring, querying and controlling video streams, the ONVIF profile S also supports PTZ functions, the reception of audio and metadata streams, and relay outputs (provided the corresponding client and the device support these functions.
You can find details on the compatibility page of the ONVIF organisation. Please select eneo as the manufacturer and start the search

ONVIF Profil T

ONVIF Profil T: extended video streaming
Supported codecs and functions:
•    H.264 / H.265 video compression
•    image settings
•    alarm events (e.g. motion and manipulation detection)
•    metadata streaming
•    bidirectional audio transmission
The mandatory functions of  ONVIF Profile T compliant devices also include on-screen display and the streaming  of metadata. PTZ management forms part of the mandatory functions of the ONVIF Profile T. Profile T also covers the ONVIF specifications for HTTPS streaming, the PTZ configuration, the motion range configuration, digital inputs, relay outputs and bidirectional audio transmission from devices and clients which support these functions.
A range of eneo IP cameras support the ONVIF Profile S as well as the ONVIF Profile T.
You can find detailed information about this on the compatibility page of the ONVIF organisation. Please select eneo as the manufacturer and start the search.