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Thermal Image-Based Video Security

The eneo Candid series thermal cameras show everything. Far and wide, round the clock and in all weathers. Full Candid ease of installation inclusive.

Perimeter protection and beyond

Candid thermal imaging cameras are the first choice with detection ranges up to 3,850 metres when it comes to video security for large-scale monitoring of areas such as solar fields or large parking areas. Total darkness, dense fog, rain or snow are as problem-free as are light reflections, vehicle headlights, bushes or trees. Security of open spaces is therefore their classic application area. Furthermore, thermal cameras are also becoming increasingly interesting for video security applications in or in the immediate vicinity of residential areas, because they detect and do not identify: thermal imaging cameras show that something is happening, not who is doing something. As a result, the privacy of residents or passers-by is maintained, and a real compromise between legitimate security needs and the right to data protection and privacy is possible. And should identification of persons be required, the installation can be complemented by traditional security cameras.

Sustainable investment

When only the purchase cost is considered, thermal imaging cameras appear more expensive than conventional day-night cameras at first glance. However thermal imaging cameras come off far better when other factors are included in the comparison, such as quantities, installation times, maintenance and energy consumption: only a few devices are needed for continuous surveillance of an area, and illuminators are of course unnecessary. The cost of maintenance is minimal, because the uncooled thermal modules in the Candid thermal imaging cameras work trouble-free for years. This makes Candid thermal imaging cameras an investment that pays off in the long term.

Large choice of cameras

The thermal segment of the eneo Candid series includes numerous models in different versions with focal lengths from 7.5 mm to 35 mm. Their sturdy housing (IP 67) makes them suitable for harsh environments with temperatures ranging from -20 to 50 ° C. The thermal sensitivity of the camera module is 50 millikelvins at an ambient temperature of 25°C. Each Candid thermal camera has analogue as well as IP connectivity and therefore provides absolute system flexibility.