The new eneo LN series: IP video security from Full HD to 4K

The new eneo LN series: IP video security from Full HD to 4K

Standard meets elegance

The IP cameras of the eneo LN series have everything which security installers need for standard solutions.

eneo LN-Serie Candid

With resolutions from Full HD to 4K, they generate high-quality video streams and conclusive images of the surveillance area. The new eneo IP cameras are equipped with powerful infrared LEDs for continuous day-night operation.

The Candid and Callisto models from the LN series are particularly installer-friendly: the Candid Small bullet cameras come with an integrated junction box, the Callisto IP domes can be optimally adapted to the conditions at the site using the best possible mounting accessories.


The eneo LN series at a glance:

  • Resolutions: Full HD, 5 megapixels or 4K Ultra HD
  • Motorised varifocal lenses
  • Cameras with a junction box for quick installation
  • Video analysis functions
  • Particularly bandwidth-saving H265 + video compression


Installer-friendly: IP cameras with an integrated junction box

Bullet cameras of the Candid Small type are also part of the eneo LN series. The three new models cover the entire required resolution bandwidth for standard solutions from Full HD to 5 MP to 4K Ultra HD and, with their integrated junction box, are designed for quick and easy installation.


Video analysis

The IP cameras of the eneo LN series have available various video analysis functions for automated video surveillance. High-resolution models such as the bullet camera, ICB-68M3611M5A, or the dome, IPD-75A2713M5A, are equipped with motion detection and area monitoring with additional functions such as the detection of added or removed objects, defogging and virtual tripwire. The full HD cameras of the series, such as the IP domes, IPD-62A2712P5A or IPD-52M2712M5A, on the other hand offer a basic set of analysis functions with motion detection and defogging.


Versatile: modular IP domes with extensive mounting accessories

The modular IP domes of the Callisto type are ideal for security installers with a wide range of practical installation accessories which allow quick and professional installation on walls, ceilings or masts. These cameras also offer full HD, 5 megapixel and 4K resolutions.


Optimised image quality: DOL-WDR

Strong light contrasts, such as those caused by backlighting or strong artificial lighting over sales areas or in factories, or weak light can significantly impair the performance of video security cameras.
Digital Overlap Wide Dynamic Range (DOL-WDR) compensates for this difference in brightness in the image by scanning the images three times.
This ensures a consistently high image quality in difficult lighting conditions.


Bandwidth-saving video compression with H.265 +

The high bit rates of extremely high-resolution 5MP and 4K cameras can cause serious problems to the network. Not to mention the immense storage requirements. To prevent this from happening, the IP cameras from the eneo LN series support the particularly efficient video compression format H.265 +, among others. The H.265 + codec optimises the bandwidth required for the transmission of the live images fully automatically. Further manual adjustments are also possible. Less relevant image regions can be compressed more strongly and/or transmitted with a lower frame rate if desired.


Flexibility thanks to cross-manufacturer compatibility

All the cameras from the eneo LN series support ONVIF Profile S & T. The standardised ONVIF interfaces ensure the manufacturer-independent interoperability of IP devices, so that specialist installers and system integrators can flexibly plan and install network-based video surveillance systems. Together with the functions, different designs and resolutions, this makes the new eneo IP cameras ideal for standard solutions in industry, trade, logistics, transport and much more.

March 12, 2021