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Networked Video Security

Connect technologies, shape the change.

At the centre of the eneo sustainable and solution-oriented product philosophy is the interoperability of our analogue and networked video security products: whether a flawless IP solution or bridging classic CCTV to IP video security, eneo opens up all design options to specialist installers.

Gradual transition to IP

The IP trend is currently being transported over long distances through the gradual addition and substitution of established CCTV infrastructures and associated analogue existing technology by IP products. In the German retail trade, for instance, about half of all video security systems are hybrid installations. This gradual migration from analogue to IP is the most economical route into a purely digital future. And eneo provides the level of security required along the way.

Link between analogue and IP: iRAS

The iRAS central management software makes classic CCTV systems fit for IP. iRAS combines eneo network video recorders and digital video recorders with eneo IP and analogue cameras to produce a hybrid system controlled and managed from a user-friendly PC interface. And also our hybrid video recorders that process video data from 16 analogue and IP cameras can be operated with iRAS. Integration of analogue and IP in a single system is therefore possible in various ways with eneo. And as any number of DVRs, NVRs, hybrid recorders and cameras can be combined and managed with iRAS, eneo hybrid network solutions are not only flexible, they are also scalable.

Mobile solutions

As an alternative or in addition to stationary control on the PC, mobile access to the network is also possible with the RAS-Mobile app.

Flexibility through multi-vendor video management

eneo maintains technology partnerships with leading providers of video management solutions and is continuously expanding this partner network. Integration of eneo IP cameras in our partners' software products offers installers and users additional scope for action in the planning and installation of IP video security solutions.


All eneo IP cameras support the ONVIF standard. This ensures interoperability with ONVIF-compliant IP products from other manufacturers, and installers and users can put together an optimal choice for their network video system.

Uniform product design for each technology

One-hundred percent network solutions as well as hybrid installations also have a uniform visual appearance through the design of the eneo Candid (bullet) and Callisto (dome) camera series being standardised across different technologies. And thanks to our easy installation concept they are installed in no time at all.