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eneo COAXIZE Multi Signal Products

HD-TVI enables coax-based full HD video with signal distances up to 500 metres

From the global perspective, a significant percentage of all video surveillance systems is still analogue. Operators consider the costs and effort are too high for transition to high-definition IP video technology. Because this cannot be done without replacing the long-serving existing cabling, video cameras and recorders.

HD-TVI: Technologically convincing alternative

A way out of this dilemma is provided by HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface). The new video technology combines the robustnessand cost-effectiveness of analogue video technology with HD and full HD resolution. Video signals, audio signals and PTZ control commands are transmitted over the existing coaxial cables. Latency-free, artefact-free. And HD-TVI video surveillance cameras achieve signal ranges up to 500 metres because the HD-TVI video signal also has low susceptibility to interference from electromagnetic influences.

eneo COAXIZE: HD-TVI meets Easy Installation

HD-TVI is the solution that brings long-serving CCTV installations back to the future with real analogue HD (720p) and full HD (1080p). As a resolution-technical upgrade or a stage-by-stage solution during the gradual transition from analogue to IP. Or as a genuine analogue alternative to IP video systems.
eneo COAXIZE is the comprehensive eneo product family of cameras and recording systems that combines the benefits of the new HD-TVI technology with eneo Easy Installation convenience.

The bullet cameras, dome cameras and box cameras in the eneo COAXIZE HD-TVI portfolio form the entire design range for the multiple applications in professional video surveillance. From the robust premium models for industrial safety applications up to economy cameras for video surveillance installations such as in retail.

In addition, the eneo HD-TVI product programme also includes the hybrid recorders needed for video recording (including IR remote control and Remote Viewer software).

Centralised video surveillance with iRAS and RAS Mobile

eneo COAXIZE HD-TVI video surveillance cameras combine the economy and robustness of analogue technology with full HD and the typical eneo Easy Installation benefits for time-saving installation in the comfort zone. And as all eneo COAXIZE products are compatible with the central control and image transmission software iRAS and the RAS Mobile app, eneo HD-TVI cameras with eneo IP and analogue cameras can be managed over a common, standardised user interface.