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    Analogue Video Security

    Fully-developed and forward-looking: eneo CCTV

    Analogue video technology is tried and tested. The cameras are easy to install, available in many versions for a wide variety of applications, and are multi-vendor compatible. Furthermore, hybrid recording solutions, such as recorders in the eneo DMR series, allow integration of analogue and IP cameras in a single video security system that combines the advantages of both technologies.

    High light sensitivity, artefact-free live images in real time

    Their high light sensitivity makes analogue cameras the recommended choice for use in difficult lighting conditions. Unlike IP cameras, their video signals in live mode are transmitted and displayed in real time, because they do not have to be compressed beforehand.

    The right model for each application

    As well as classic analogue box cameras, eneo also supplies board cameras and plug and play models delivered with a pre-installed lens and complete wiring in the weather-proof housing.

    In addition, we offer a wide selection of dome cameras: fixed domes and PTZ cameras, mini-domes and particularly cost-effective economy models for indoor use.