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    New eneo IP Cameras for Outdoor Surveillance

    The new eneo IP cameras for outdoor surveillance provide enhanced situational awareness thanks to high resolution and intelligent self learning video analysis.

    An OmniVision CMOS sensor and a 4 megapixel maximum resolution are the main features of the IEB-74M2812MAA bullet camera and the IED-64M2812MAA dome camera. These two new additions to the eneo IP portfolio come in a solid aluminium casing for outdoor use. They have a motorised varifocal lens with a focal length of 2.8 to 12 mm and a four times zoom.


    Both cameras also support lens control using "Precise Iris Control". P-Iris allows precise aperture control by means of a stepping motor, so that the best possible image quality is achieved. The video images created in this way are output in up to four different streams: H.264, H.265, MJPEG and Smart Codec. Smart Codec allows for a particularly high level of bandwidth-saving due to its dynamic data compression. For this purpose the user defines the zones which are particularly relevant for any situation detection, and these are transmitted with a higher resolution and frame rate than less important image areas. The maximum image transfer rate is 30 fps respectively.

    Get more out of the video data

    Enhanced video analysis capabilities increase the operator comfort for personnel in the control centre or the control room, and provide new location detection and prevention capabilities. Both cameras are equipped with motion analysis, activity detection, tampering protection and trip wire with direction detection and an object counting. Furthermore they are able to detect loitering individuals and intruders in defined image areas (using loitering and intrusion detection) and to distinguish persons from objects. Accordingly, the new models provide a deeper situational awareness than before.

    Reliable around the clock


    Thanks to infrared LED lighting with an approximately 30 metre range, the IP66-protected IEB-74M2812MAA and IED-64M2812MAA can be used around the clock. With the IK10 impact resistance class, the dome is also protected against vandalism. Both cameras support bi-directional audio transmission and can be reliably used in ambient temperatures of -20° C to 50° C. Like all eneo IP cameras, the IEB-74M2812MAA and IED-64M2812MAA support ONVIF Profile S, and are therefore compatible with the ONVIF-compliant products of other manufacturers.