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Multi-Signal Recorders with GDPR Compliance Features

The 4-channel and 8-channel recorders MSR-24N040004A and MSR-24N080004A are eneo’s most recent additions to its COAXIZE multi-signal portfolio.

The new hybrid solutions not only support the analogue signal formats HD-TVI, AHD and 960H, but also allow one (MSR-24N040004A) or two (MSR-24N080004A) channels to be assigned with an IP signal format.

Whereas the IP channels have a maximum resolution of 3 megapixels, the analogue video sources have a video resolution of up to 4 megapixels per channel. Footage can be played back in several modes, including full screen, 4-channel or 9-channel split and split sequence mode.
Both devices automatically detect the video’s signal format and resolution and, in full screen mode, support the digital zoom function during live and playback operation. The two recorders feature a maximum internal storage capacity of up to 16TB (capacity of up to 2 internal SATA hard drives).

Integrated GDPR compliance features
Like the latest models from the eneo IER and MER series, the MSR multi-signal recorders also come with several features that help users be GDPR compliant when handling and storing video data:

• Regular password expiry
The new multi-signal recorders MSR-24N040004A and MSR-24N080004A enable users to define regular intervals for a password reset. By activating this feature, the risk of unauthorised access to and abuse of sensitive data is considerably reduced. Short passwords in particular can be cracked quickly and efficiently, provided you have the necessary hacking skills. Users can protect themselves against this threat by choosing complex passwords and changing them on a regular basis.

• Four-eye principle
In order to access or export video data, two users must log on to the device with their credentials at the same time. This may be one employee and the company’s data protection officer, for example.

• Differentiated authorisation management
Not least since the GDPR came into effect has authorisation management been among the top priorities in modern security concepts. With its new MSR recorders, eneo has reacted to this, providing users with the option to create different user groups with different authorisations in the configuration menu. Users with the required authorisation can access detailed log-in records to find out with absolute certainty who exported video data, when they did so and whether they complied with the company’s privacy policy.

• Defined storage periods
Users of the MSR multi-signal recorders can define – for each video channel individually – how long the video material will be stored for. This serves to avoid unintentional violations of the GDPR since video data will be deleted automatically as soon as the purpose of their collection is fulfilled.

Video management with eneo Center and eneo Center mobile

eneo Center is the central management platform for eneo video security systems. The free software is compatible with systems that are based both on Windows and Mac and allows you to integrate and centrally manage eneo network and multi-signal products. Apart from conventional video management functions, eneo Center also includes enhanced information on the system status. Thanks to an event monitoring feature and a map with an integrated live view, users know exactly what is going on at any given time. With its user interface that is specifically designed to meet operational requirements of video security applications, eneo Center is characterised by its comprehensive functionality and user-friendliness. In addition, the new MSR recorders can be managed using the mobile version of the software, the eneo Center mobile app, which is also available free of charge.