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    More Pixels, More Details, More Security: eneo 4K

    eneo is expanding the 4K area within its IP portfolio. New bullet, PTZ, fisheye and dome cameras are expanding its offer in the Ultra HD segment. They are accompanied by the updated IER series network recorders and three robust 4K monitors. That is what eneo has in store for all users needing to take full advantage of the powerful 4K technology.

    Higher image quality, lower overall operating costs


    Up until recently Full HD was the technical resolution gold standard for professional video surveillance. Now Ultra HD sets new standards for image quality and attention to detail. And brings several advantages to the operators of video security systems:

    • with their precise lenses, 4K cameras cover four times more of the screen than Full HD models.
    • thanks to its high pixel density (3840 x 2160 pixels), a single Ultra HD video camera can replace two Full HD cameras.
    • 4K images produce a much more detailed digital zoom than full HD images – ideal for exact number plate recognition at petrol stations or for precise location detection at places with heavy traffic (bus stops, stadiums etc).
    • with 4K overall operating costs can be lowered: although the cameras are a bit more expensive, for many applications they can take over the job of two Full HD cameras. The bottom line is that it means fewer cameras and thus lower acquisition costs, shorter installation times and less required maintenance.

    SmartCodec: bandwidth friendly video compression


    The high demand for network bandwidth and storage capacity has often been voiced in the past in opposition to using 4K for video surveillance. Innovative video compression techniques have solved this problem. So the new eneo 4K cameras compress the image data using SmartCodec dynamically and, in particular, in a bandwidth friendly manner: users manually define the relevant image areas to be displayed in high-resolution or have the image evaluated automatically. Static scenes are heavily compressed, and compression reduces movement. This ensures that the relevant sequences are resolved as needed in 4K. At the same time, more video streams can be transferred and stored.

    Expanded video analysis

    Among the new eneo 4K cameras models with advanced video analysis capabilities are also available: the IEB-78M3611MAA, IED-68M3611MAA and IPP-88A0030MIA include motion detection, motion analysis, tamper protection, virtual tripwire and area monitoring. Other features include loitering and intrusion detection.

    Integrated image optimisation and infrared lighting


    The eneo 4K network cameras come with integrated infrared lighting for video surveillance around the clock. Powerful IR LEDs illuminate the surveillance area evenly, any backlight radiation is offset by Smart BLC. True WDR is helpful for licence plate recognition with vehicles with their headlamps switched on, 3D-DNR automatically improves the image quality at night or in diminished light.

    High-performance recorders

    eneo IER series

    The new generation eneo IER network recorders support Ultra HD at every stage of development. The NVRs deliver a full 3840 x 2160 pixels in live view and record at full refresh rates at the same resolution. H.264 and H.265 video compression is provided, additional network storage devices (NSD) can be integrated via the iSCSI protocol, so that the storage capacity can be increased up to 96TB.

    Robust professional monitors

    eneo 4K monitors

    The eneo 4K product range is completed by the 55-inch VM-UHD55M, the 43-inch VM-UHD43M and the 28-inch VM-UHD28M Ultra HD monitors. They are designed for professional continuous use 24/7 and ensure that the user receives the full 4K resolution without any compromise. Accordingly, eneo offers everything which is required for video surveillance solutions in 4K quality.