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    eneo Full HD Cameras

    The eneo SN Series: Many Uses. Excellent Value for Money. Outstanding Performance in a Variety of Industry Solutions.

    The IP cameras in the eneo SN series are both installer and user friendly and strike exactly the right balance between price and performance. From full HD to 4K, the series includes models with all resolutions relevant to modern video security, though the 2-megapixel cameras are sufficient for most small to medium standard applications. They are available in various designs and come with a wide range of accessories for professional assembly, thereby meeting installers’, operators’ and users’ many different requirements alike. Thanks to their full HD resolution, they also provide the necessary sharpness of detail to deliver clear images. In addition, the series includes all the features specialist installers and end users have come to appreciate:

    • Easy Installation design,
    • standardised and intuitive user interfaces,
    • certified quality according to ISO 9001:2015,
    • optimal price-performance ratio.

    With all these benefits combined in one series, the eneo SN series is ideal for a variety of industry solutions, for example for the surveillance of petrol stations.

    Secure petrol stations: putting an end to fuel theft
    In Germany, petrol fraud accounts for a loss of about €30 million each year. With approximately 14,500 petrol stations, this translates into an average loss of €2,100 per station. According to the Police Crime Statistics 2017, about 71,000 cases of fuel theft were recorded that same year. However, the Bundesverband Tankstellen und Gewerbliche Autowäsche (German Federal Association of Filling Stations and Car Wash Facilities) estimates that only 20 percent of cases are actually reported to the police. The association identifies obsolete video surveillance technology as one of the primary factors, stating that the use of outdated cameras with a low resolution to monitor petrol pumps is not uncommon. As this results in a lack of conclusive images of vehicles and number plates – which are indispensable pieces of evidence – it is no surprise that most cases of petrol fraud are not reported to the police. High resolution IP or multi-signal cameras with resolutions of 2 megapixels or higher can be the solution to the problem since they are able to identify number plates even in difficult lighting conditions. And thanks to the camera sensors’ high pixel density, even the tiniest details are crystal clear when zooming in to relevant sections of an image.

    Effective petrol pump protection


    If you are looking for a camera to be installed at a petrol pump, the IEB-72M2812MAA full HD bullet camera from the eneo SN series is the perfect choice. Thanks to its weatherproof aluminium housing with a protection rating of IP66 and its integrated infrared lighting, it lends itself to round-the-clock outdoor use. In conjunction with the Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor IMX290, the camera’s varifocal lens with four-times zoom delivers fully detailed imagery with a maximum resolution of 2 megapixels. The lens is motorised, which allows for convenient lens adjustment. The camera supports the H.264, H.265, H.264+, H.265+ and M-JPEG video compression standards and has a maximum frame rate of 30 frames per second. If required, the IEB-72M2812MAA model can be mounted in combination with the AK-8 or AK-9 junction box.

    Protecting the shop and the forecourt


    Nowadays, many petrol stations are essentially small supermarkets – and therefore exposed to the same risks. With regard to larger petrol stations, the average difference between what is and what should be in the inventory following stocktaking amounts to about €50,000 annually. Petrol stations are vulnerable to robberies, too. For these reasons, the same security standards that apply to retail outlets also apply to them. As a result, petrol station shops are often fitted with dome cameras, which are suitable for multiple applications. Robust models such as the IED-62M2812MAA network dome from the eneo SN series are frequently used to monitor a petrol station’s forecourt. The camera is an all-round talent and designed to be inconspicuously mounted to the wall or ceiling. Like the IEB-72M2812MAA bullet camera, the IP dome comes with a motorised varifocal lens with a four-times zoom and features a Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor IMX290. It also has a maximum resolution of 2 megapixels. And, similarly to the IEB-72M2812MAA, the IED-62M2812MAA model is equipped with integrated infrared lighting as well as with intelligent self-learning video analysis functions, i.e. loitering and intrusion detection along with person recognition. This new set of functions complements the camera’s conventional video analysis capabilities, such as motion detection, motion analysis and tamper protection, and is a further step towards fully automated video surveillance. Among other things, these functions help you to better protect your property against vandalism or to prevent thieves from breaking into your coin-operated vacuum cleaners.
    Of course, the sturdy IED-62M2812MAA model can just as well be installed at the entrance to your car wash. The biggest advantage of this camera and all other models from the SN series is their versatility: Whether they are used to protect petrol stations or installed in retail outlets, hotels, restaurants or banks, they are the perfect choice for a variety of industry solutions.

    Cameras for special applications


    The SN series not only offers full HD cameras for standard applications, but also models with considerably higher resolutions. The IPP-88A0030MIA PTZ dome is one of them. With 3840 x 2160 pixels, this 4K cameras delivers video footage in ultra HD quality, which means that the area it covers is four times larger compared to a full HD model. At the same time, the magnified images it produces using the digital zoom are much more detailed than those produced by a full HD model. Therefore, the IPP-88A0030MIA dome is especially well suited for closely monitoring places with a lot of traffic (train/bus stops, stadiums etc.).
    The ISD-55P0010A IP dome, on the other hand, features a panomorph lens and provides a 360° overview of your indoor facilities without blind spots. As opposed to a conventional fisheye camera, this lens type delivers a higher resolution for remote objects. The camera is equipped with a 1/1.8“ Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor and a day/night lens (1.05 mm fixed focal lens). It has a maximum resolution of 5 megapixels.

    Perfect additions: NVR and video management software


    The network recorders from the IER series are the perfect match for the IP cameras in the SN series. After all, they also offer excellent value for money. The 8-channel version IER-28R080005A is particularly well suited for small and medium video security applications, such as the surveillance of petrol stations. Like all IP recorders in the IER series, the IER-28R080005A records with a maximum resolution of 8 megapixels at full refresh rate. Alongside the compression standards H.264/H.265, it also supports the iSCSI protocol which allows for the integration of additional network-attached storage (NAS) systems, thereby increasing the potential storage capacity to up to 96TB.
    For video security scenarios that are very limited in scope we recommend using the 4-channel version IER-28R040005A. If a medium video security application requires the use of more SN cameras, our 16-channel recorder IER-28R160005A will be the right fit.


    We also help you manage your cameras and recorders by making our user-friendly video management software eneo Center available to you free of charge. Apart from conventional video management functions, the software also provides important information on the system status. Thanks to an event monitoring feature and a map with an integrated live view, users can monitor what is going on at all times. The user interface, which is both intuitive and functional, was designed to meet the specific requirements of professional video security applications.