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eneo COAXIZE multisignal solutions

eneo COAXIZE: Technologically versatile and economical multisignal solutions.

HD analogue is the technological alternative if it is not possible to easily migrate to IP, or if this option is too costly. HD analogue video surveillance cameras transmit high resolution videos easily via the coaxial cables of existing CCTV systems. Without latency, and without artefacts. It is a great choice for applications where real-time HD or full-HD images are a must. HD analogue cameras are preferred, for instance, in casinos and banks. In addition, HD analogue solutions are useful for consumers looking for an environmentally-friendly and non resource-intensive way to update their video security systems. Installation contractors appreciate that no IT expertise is required to install the systems, and that they can easily be added via plug and play.

Up to 6 different video signals
In addition to these advantages, multi-signal cameras from the eneo COAXIZE series also offer excellent flexibility in the different video signals they support - they can output up to 6 different signal types depending on model.


Bullet cameras MCB-72M2712M0A and MCB-64A0003M0A (eneo Candid) for example. In addition to HD-TVI, CVI, AHD, and FBAS, they also support the digital formats HD-SDI and EX-SDI. Both video cameras also offer a typical eneo easy-installation feature in the form of an integrated connection box. This makes installation quick and convenient.

Video resolutions up to 4 megapixels

eneo COAXIZE series multi-signal cameras combine the ruggedness, simplicity, and economic efficiency of analogue video technology with outstanding image quality and video resolutions of up to 4 MP. And if existing cables fulfil technical requirements, transmission ranges of up to 500m are available since HD-TVI and CVI signals are barely affected by electromagnetic influences.

Video security cameras in every shape
Multi-signal cameras in the eneo COAXIZE series cover the full spectrum of camera types for professional video surveillance:

In addition to video cameras for indoor use, such as those used for retail video surveillance, the eneo COAXIZE product range also offers highly rugged models designed for outdoor applications (e.g. to provide perimeter protection) and industrial security environments.

Hybrid solutions with IP capable multi-signal recorders


Hybrid systems that combine analogue and IP are also available from eneo COAXIZE. Recorders like MER-24R040200A, MER-24R080200A and MER-34R160300A support HD-TVI, CVI, AHD, FBAS, HD-SDI and EX-SDI as well as IP. The devices come with an IR remote control and Remote Viewer Software and are designed for mixed operation. The software can simultaneously connect up to 144 cameras, and is suitable for multi-monitor operation. In addition, the eneo multi-signal portfolio offers mechanical and technical accessories like signal equalizers or amplifiers, that ensure the analogue HD signal can also be transmitted over longer cable sections without quality loss.