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eneo Candid With Integrated Junction Solution

Design Innovation Distinguished by Installer-Friendliness: the New eneo Candid

eneo continues to focus on Easy Installation with its new eneo Candid generation. The latest models in the well proven camera series with the distinctive bullet housing come with an integrated connection solution. Practically everything that belongs come together here: camera, wall mount as well as the junction box that was only available as an optional accessory before now. This "Easy Installation Box" for Candid Small, Medium and Large that was fitted to the mounting base on previous models, now forms a functional unit with the video camera on the new models. That makes the new Candid far more compact. And more attractively priced.

Compact and functional

The manufacturer has responded to the valued suggestions made by customers for its latest Candid generation, and it has therefore refined the proven series design to make installation of the bullet cameras even easier with greater time savings. The camera and wall mount with the Easy Installation Box have therefore been brought together into a compact, functional unit: Candid with integral junction box. The models in this new generation are available in IP and multisignal versions. The integral connection solution features a connection board for the network cabling over a LSA connection strip or a RJ45 connector depending on the model. Also model-dependent, the box has a terminal strip for connection of alarm contacts as well as a sabotage alarm.

Medium and Small IP video cameras

ICB-73M2712MWA, Candid Medium

The ICB-73M2712MWA bullet camera is a Candid Medium with a 3MP resolution and a motorised varifocal lens (focal length: 2.7-12mm). Its WLAN interface enables fast and practical setup by laptop, tablet or smartphone: specialist installers can establish a Wi-Fi connection to their mobile device with the optionally available dongle. A test monitor is not needed for the camera's first configuration. And thanks to Push Focus, the motorised lens can be remotely configured from the mobile device or control centre. A terminal strip in the junction box enables connection of alarm contacts, an external power supply and audio (the camera supports bidirectional audio transmission). The ICB-73M2712MWA video analysis and image optimisation functions:

  • Motion detection
  • Tampering protection
  • Virtual tripwire with counting function and direction recognition
  • Area monitoring
  • BLC, HLC and D-WDR
  • Defog
  • Lens distortion correction LDC

Vertical View enables correct display of video streams at 90° or 270° camera rotation for video surveillance applications in corridors and stairwells (VerticalView Adaptor available separately). Protected image areas can be defined by private zone masking. Triple Streaming simultaneously outputs up to three video streams with different codecs (e.g. 2 x H.264, 1 x MJPEG). ONVIF Profile S support is provided, ONVIF mapping permits coding of events as ONVIF motion alarms so they can also be processed by VMS or NVR that support only ONVIF motion alarms.

ICB-62M2712M0A Candid Small

The ICB-62M2712M0A (Candid Small) model also comes with a motorised varifocal lens and Push Focus. The network camera provides the same functions for video analysis and image optimisation as the ICB-73M2712MWA. Though, the new Candid Small achieves "only" full HD maximum resolution with 1920 x 1080. The new Candid Small as well as the new Candid Medium have high-power infrared LED illumination for 24/7 use.

Full HD over coax with multisignal models

At the moment there is no end in sight to the demand for solutions to upgrade existing analogue systems to full HD or megapixel resolution. The multisignal video cameras in the eneo COAXIZE line responds to this requirement - now also with Candid models with an integral connection solution. For example, the Candid Medium MCB-72M2712M0A delivers full HD video over coax.


Users can choose between analogue and digital signal formats depending on the specification of their system. The motorised lens has a focal length of 2.7-12mm. The MCB-72M2712M0A at a glance:

  • Multisignal analogue: HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, Composite (FBAS)
  • Multisignal digital: EX-SDI, HD-SDI
  • ROI (Region of Interest) WDR mode
  • Integral motion detection, defog, private zones
  • IR illumination switchable via OSD menu
  • Removable infrared cut filter
  • IP67, built-in heater