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    eneo autofocus zoom cameras

    eneo autofocus zoom cameras

    Six new autofocus zoom cameras have been added to the IP and multi-signal segment in the eneo product portfolio.
    A box, bullet and dome camera with Full HD resolution are expanding the range in the network area: the IPC-52A0003M0B, ICB-72A0003M0A and IPD-72A0003M0B provide video images with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.


    The autofocus zoom lens has a triple optical and a twelve-times digital zoom, the variable focal length has a range extending from 3.2 mm to 9 mm.

    Features include the following video analysis functions: motion detection, tamper protection, virtual tripwire with counting function and direction detection, area monitoring and defog. All three models support bidirectional audio transmission. The ICB-72A0003M0A (eneo Candid) is also equipped with an integrated junction box for a quick and an easy to set up installation. The camera comes with integrated infrared lighting, with four high-power LEDs with a range of about 50 m. The high-power LEDs of the IPD-72A0003M0B (eneo Callisto) produce an illumination range of around 40 m.

    The eneo COAXIZE multi-signal portfolio will also be enhanced with a new box (MPC-54A0003M0A), bullet (MCB-64A0003M0A) and dome (MPD-74A0003M0A) camera with a triple optical autofocus zoom.


    The maximum resolution is 4 MP. The video signal formats HD-TVI, AHD, EX-SDI and HD-SDI are supported. The MCB-64A0003M0A (eneo Candid) has an integrated junction box for an easy to set up assembly.
    Both, the new multi-signal and IP models come with DOL WDR. This function involves a further development of True WDR. DOL WDR merges up to three frames into one image. This results in better image quality in low light when compared to True WDR.