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    eneo among the finalists of the GIT Security Award 2020

    The eneo 4K IP camera IEB-78M3611MAA has been chosen among the finalists in the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2020

    Once again, eneo made it to the finalists in the GIT SECURITY AWARD. This year, we have fielded IEB-78M3611MAA from the eneo SN Series. This IP bullet camera delivers video in 4K Ultra HD quality and comes with a motorized varifocal lens (3.6-11mm). P-iris control adjusts the lens to the ambient conditions, automatically improving contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field.
    The intelligent and self-learning video analysis functions of the IEB-78M3611MAA include classic video analysis such as motion and direction detection, as well as loitering and intrusion detection as well as person recognition. For day-and-night use, the camera is equipped with integrated IR LED illumination (range approx. 30m).

    Extremely detailed pictures and dynamic video compression

    IEB-78M3611MAA from the eneo SN-Series is among the finalists of the GIT Security Award 2020The high pixel density (3840 x 2160 pixels) makes the eneo finalist superior to ordinary full HD cameras. When zooming in on the digital zoom, the 4K camera delivers rich details, ensuring better situational awareness.
    At the same time, innovative, dynamic video compression using SmartCodec saves network resources. Users manually define the relevant and high resolution image areas or have the image evaluated automatically.
    Static images are highly compressed, while compression is reduced on movement, resolving only the relevant sequences in 4K. At the same time, more video streams can be transferred and saved.

    Vote and win!
    Equipment and quality of the camera have also convinced the jury of the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2020 and so the jurors have chosen the eneo contender from the SN series among the finalists. Now, until August 23, 2019, industry members have the opportunity to decide online which product from which manufacturer provides the most innovation, value, and unique selling proposition.
    You too are welcome to vote for your favorites in a total of six categories.

    And, of course, we would be delighted if you supported the eneo finalist IEB-78M3611MAA in Category C, Video Security Systems, VSS.