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    The two new eneo IPB-73M2812MWA and IPD-73M2812MWA network cameras feature a WLAN interface and push focus enabling fast and easy initial configuration. Specialist installers will notice their greater ease of installation compared with conventional models. Users profit from high resolution video quality and multiple functions.

    Plug and play

    An optionally available WiFi dongle establishes a radio link to mobile devices from the camera port. A test monitor is therefore no longer needed for startup: setup of bullet and dome cameras is carried out very conveniently on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The browser-based web interface flexibly adjusts to every screen size. Push focus enables adjustment of the motorised lens from the mobile device and the operating station in the control centre.

    Video image optimisation

    • Vertical View automatically optimises portrait format streams from cameras rotated 90° or 270° on their own axes (such as for video surveillance applications in stairwells or corridors).
    • Defog corrects weather-related image interference, such as from fog, smog or drizzle.
    • Unwanted optical effects such as convex video imagery are corrected by LDC (Lens Distortion Correction).

    Video analysis functions:

    • Motion detection
    • Tampering protection
    • Virtual tripwire with counting function and direction recognition
    • Area monitoring

    Intelligent, adaptive illumination

    IPB-73M2812MWA comes with integral IR illumination in the form of four high-power LEDs, IPD-73M2812MWA is equipped with two high-power-LEDs. Smart IR technology automatically adapts the illumination level to the ambient light conditions.

    ONVIF support and ONVIF mapping

    Both cameras support ONVIF (Version 2.4 Profile S) and the ONVIF mapping function. This allows events (such as tampering alarms) to be defined as an ONVIF motion alarm, which means these events are also processed by video management software or network video recorders that support only ONVIF motion alarms.

    IPB-73M2812MWA finalist in the GIT SICHERHEIT AWARD 2018

    The triad of the innovative Easy Installation features, a wide range of camera functions and high-resolution video imagery could also be heard by the jury for the GIT SICHERHEIT AWARD 2018, who include representatives from BHE, TÜV, VDMA, ZVEI and users:

    they placed IPB-73M2812MWA among the finalists of the GIT Security Award 2018 in Category C, Video Security.

    The winners of the renowned industry competition are being selected up to 31st August 2017 in an open online vote. You can vote at any time and very easily at http://www.pro-4-pro.com/de/specials/gsa.html. The GIT Security organisers will enter all voters in a draw for a reflex camera.