Callisto: The New Generation

    Modular design for every installation scenario

    The latest Callisto generation provides optimal functionality for every installation scenario. The modular design reduces the domes to their elementary form which can be practically extended with the Callisto installation components and therefore adapted to the needs of different installation requirements. The slim base versions consist of an IP, HDcctv or analogue camera module and a scratch-resistant transparent dome. Nothing else is needed for traditional installation in a wall or ceiling. Furthermore, the base models can be combined with the Callisto surface-mount adapter, wedge adapter, wall mount or the new AK-5 Easy Installation Box in no time at all to satisfy other requirements. The outcome: A custom-made Callisto built for each application with optimal equipment and design plus quick installation.


    Radically reduced: The new Callisto connection concept

    The new Callisto connection concept impresses through installer-friendly simplicity. The new models manage with two connectors: the video signals of the new network models are on a RJ-45 connector, the alarm and audio as well as voltage on an 8-pin connector. For the HDcctv and analogue models the voltage and RS-485 port are on a 4-pin connector, while the video signals run over coax.


    AK-5 Easy Installation Box for Callisto

    As an installation solution for surface installation, the new AK-5 Easy Installation Box for Callisto is part of the new connection concept. It kills two birds with one stone because it operates as a solid, weatherproof cable splitter and wedge adapter in one. The AK-5 simplifies tidy connection of cables which are securely "cleaned up" in the box. It also reduces the camera tilt angle by approximately 12°, thus increasing their horizontal and vertical standard ranges, so that the cameras can make savings in certain applications. The box is ideal for mounting on ceilings, walls and - in combination with the optional adapter - also on poles.


    Improved cost effectiveness

    The double advantage of modular design: more efficient, technologically and economically. Callisto delivers customised video security for less money, because the new domes are more cost-effective than its comparable previous models in each expansion stage and they therefore once again impress with their attractive value for money so typical of eneo.