Industry solutions for:

Theft prevention through video surveillance in the retail sector
Six million euros every day: this is the total quoted in a study by the EHI Retail Institute as the damage to the German retail traded caused by thefts in 2011 alone. Security technology is in demand more than ever.
No chance for fuel theft: protection for service stations
From the crime of opportunity such as petrol theft right up to serious crimes such as armed robbery: the threat spectrum for service stations is wide. Video surveillance technology serves the security of employees and customers.
Banks: video cameras against old and new forms of crime
Bank robbery is the "classic" threat scenario for financial institutions. The rise of ATMs has seen the arrival a new form of crime: spying out the PIN at ATMs.
Protection of goods and transportation
Thieves are normally not far away from wherever products and goods are transferred. In addition to the classic security tasks, video surveillance also takes over workflow functions in the logistics and haulier sectors.
Theft and vandalism expelled from schools
Video surveillance at schools is a sensitive issue. However, more and more German schools are relying on this form of prevention with regard to the crimes of theft and vandalism, and last but not least are complying with the demands from concerned parents.
Not only a feeling of security, camera use in the hospital
Hospitals are also not spared from crime. And criminals not only have their eyes on valuable objects, as is documented shockingly in cases of kidnapped new-born babies.
More than a question of security, video cameras at airports
Video surveillance is an integral part of airport security. Cameras support the work of the security organisations and contribute towards the smooth running of work processes.
Comprehensive traffic monitoring provides safety in tunnels
Comprehensive traffic monitoring by video cameras is a safety requirement for all road users in motorway tunnels. Because lives can possibly be saved when rescue workers are able to have a clear picture of the situation for an accident in a tunnel.
Proven better security: video surveillance in car parks
Studies have verified that video surveillance in multi-storey car parks contribute successfully to a significant reduction in the number of thefts out of and from cars. And the initiators of parking damage can also be investigated with the aid of cameras.
Red card for violent criminals: security for football stadiums
Fan violence and vandalism in and around football stadiums give a negative image to sport and are a danger to public security and all peaceful fans. Video surveillance assists in enforcement of security.
Burglary prevention at home
Video surveillance is also increasingly being used in the private sector. In the same way as for companies or public institutions, cameras here also have a preventative, deterrent function, serve to preserve evidence, and give a feeling of security.

Product overview

IP cameras
eneo network cameras support the ONVIF standard and are integrated in the video management solutions of leading manufacturers.
HD Analogue cameras
eneo HD Analogue cameras deliver zero-latency and artefact-free live imagery. In full HD and over analogue coax cables.
Thermal imaging cameras
eneo thermal cameras are low-maintenance specialists for effective perimeter and outdoor protection.
eneo holds in stock the ideal digital video recorders as well as network, hybrid and HDcctv recorders for applications of all sizes.
eneo monitors are able to withstand permanent load, and with their short response times and fast signal switching they are designed for the special requirements of professional video security.

Technology and Features

Smart Motion Zoom
The intelligent zoom function enables flexible zooming in automated video surveillance.
Multidimensional digital noise reduction decreases image noise and reduces errors in colour mixtures.
The sharpness of detail in a video image is dependent on the camera resolution.